A huge welcome to Creative Blossom! Since you’re here then we would like to say hi and thank you for looking around!!!

What's better than a little girl power? After meeting through photography, we realized it was way too easy for us to work together... 3 years later we share a friendship and passion! So fun!

As women with small businesses and over 20+ years of photography hustle under our belts, we realized the need for a place for like minded creatives to feel totally comfortable to share, network and learn. Born was Creative Blossom!!! We know you have a ton of questions that maybe you feel okay asking or maybe you're not too sure if they are "legit enough to ask" Well we're here to say "ask"!!! Let's get together and have some fun snapping and maybe who knows make a lifelong friend or two!

Cheers to a great year of learning and growing!

Love - The Snap Sisters 

(this name comes with a story of its own lol)

Jess + Christina